Pattern Review: Field Day Jacket by Ozetta

wearing a hand knit white tweed sweater with buttons and a red triangle shaped knit scarf

The Field Day Jacket by Ozetta is one of my top favorite cardigans I’ve made – and I’ve made two! It’s been a couple of years since I’ve finished them but it still remains one of my most worn hand knit sweaters. In this pattern review of the Field Day Jacket I’ll be talking about the yarn I used for both versions, a few modifications I made to each and the notions needed to complete this knit cardigan.

wearing the beige field day jacket side view with hand on hip

Knitting cardigans can be a little more time consuming since they are knit flat (back and forth) vs. in the round like a pullover sweater, but I love how versatile they are to wear. The Seasons Cardigan and the Miles Shirt Jacket, both patterns designed by Ozetta, are two other cardigan sweaters that I’ve made and love!

The Pattern

wearing the field day jacket hand knit sweater cardigan open with one hand on face

The pattern is the Field Day Jacket by Ozetta and has a classic, relaxed fit design with drop shoulders and the option for button snaps or buttons down the front. It’s knit from the top down with german short row shaping at the back and the button band is worked as you go.

The instructions, like in all of Ozetta’s patterns, are very thorough and easy to follow! My first adult sweater I ever knit was an Ozetta pattern (the Towns Sweater) and I really appreciated the detailed instructions for a knitwear beginner.

wearing the beige version of the field day jacket with one hand on hip smiling

Version 1 – Beige

The first Field Day Jacket I made was the grayish beige one (shown above) and I was excited to be part of the test group before the pattern launched. The pattern has about 9 1/2″ to 10 1/2″ of ease built into the pattern so I knit a size S which is what was recommended for my bust measurement of 34″.

The pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn held together with a lace weight but I used just a single strand of worsted. I met gauge width-wise but my gauge was off on my rows so the finished fabric is a looser knit and ended up longer in the arms. It definitely has more of an oversized look but makes it so cozy to wear!

Version 2 – white tweed

For my second version I sized down to an XS for less overall ease and was able to meet gauge by using a heavy worsted weight yarn. The final fabric of the sweater was a tighter knit and I’m really happy with the final fit!

Notions Used

closeup of the white tweed sweater in progress with a hand holding the knitting needles

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You will need 5 mm (US Size 8) 16″ and 32-40″ circular needles to complete this project. The circular needles I use are the Clover Takumi Combo interchangeable circular knitting set (Amazon link) and I love that I always have the size I need for a project.

I prefer to use double pointed needles when the sleeves get narrow and for the cuffs (I have a set that is similar to this double pointed needle set from Amazon).

4 Buttons (or snap buttons) are required and I used the same wooden buttons that I found on Etsy for both versions.

Yarn Used

wearing a beige field day jacket closeup with buttons buttoned all the way

Version 1 – Beige

For my first Field Day Jacket I used Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Wool in the color Driftwood which is a soft worsted weight wool. The color is a really great neutral somewhere in between cream and beige (it looks a little lighter in the website product pictures, but the color is more accurate in my photos).

Version 2 – white tweed

For my second version I used Knit Picks Bare Woodland Tweed which is labeled as an Aran / Heavy Worsted Weight in a merino alpaca blend. This yarn is super soft and hardly has any itch to it. It also has some weight to it so my finished cardigan has a nice heavy feel, but also makes the stitches at the shoulder stretch quite a bit. I love the creamy white color of the bare Woodland Tweed but you can find some other gorgeous colors on Knit Picks’ website.


wearing the beige field day jacket with rusty orange corduroy pants and a striped white tee

Version 1 – Beige

The only modification I made in my first Field Day Jacket was to add a little length to the body. I don’t remember the exact amount…but since this sweater is knit from the top down I added length at the top right before starting the buttonholes.

wearing the white tweed field day jacket with jeans and a tshirt with one hand on the hip

Version 2 – white tweed

For my white tweed Field Day Jacket I knew I wanted closer fitting sleeves, so I picked up 60 stitches (instead of 72 for size XS) at the sleeve openings but continued to follow the pattern for the sleeve decreases. Instead of 4″ cuffs I knit 3″ cuffs to avoid the arms being too long for me.

I really enjoy wearing hand knit cardigans and incorporating them with the rest of my handmade wardrobe. Everything I’m wearing is handmade! The Edgewood Sling Bag I’m wearing, is a beginner friendly sewing pattern that I designed and a great intro into bag making.

Thank you for reading! Happy knitting 🙂

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