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Since sewing my own clothing and knitting wearable pieces, I have collected quite a list of favorite tools, notions and places to buy fabric and yarn! I thought it would be helpful to have them all in one place as a reference and to learn about the slow fashion brands I love.

This page contains some affiliate links to products (marked with an asterisk *) and I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links (at no extra cost to you).


wearing the v-neck button Laurence dress hack closeup

I have A LOT of favorite places to find fabric for sewing my own clothes! The top 5 that I regularly find amazing fabric from and frequently mention on my website are Lyrical Fabrics, Blackbird Fabrics, Stylemaker Fabrics, Matchy Matchy Sewing Club and *The Linen Lab.

wearing the elastic waist skirt and looking down at the ground

More recently I’ve been using linen from *The Linen Lab and love the variety of unique, high quality linen they offer. You can use the code BETHANYLYNNE_MAKES for 10% off. They also have a selection of fabric on Amazon (code doesn’t work there).


Agnes sweater vest front closeup

Some of my most worn sweaters have been made using yarns from *Knit Picks like my Miles Shirt Jacket, Holiday Slipover and Seasons Cardigan.

*Simply Wool Worsted – I call this a “sheepy yarn” because it has a faint smell of raw wool (which I love!) and great squish factor. The colors are all natural shades without using any dyes or bleach.

*Wool of the Andes – I used Wool of the Andes for my Agnes Sweater Vest and love the variety in colors that is great for color work or granny square projects!

wearing a large knit scarf that's covering the face and a hand knit brown sweater

Wooldreamers yarns have quickly become of favorite of mine! I’m thankful to have been able to work with almost every line they offer and if I could pick a favorite it would be Mota (shown in the brown sweater above). You can find the projects that I’ve knit with Wooldreamers on my Ralvery page (blynner) or Instagram.

Tool & Notions

jeans making supplies and tools needed laid out on a table

It can be overwhelming to search through all the tools and notions that are out there to figure out what you actually *need* for sewing or knitting. I like to keep things simple and would say that my personal collection of sewing/knitting tools is minimalistic – I get overwhelmed by all the selection too!

I’ve compiled all of the tools and notions for sewing and knitting that I’ve used (or have heard great reviews about from other sewists) on my *Amazon page.

Kylie and the Machine make my favorite jeans hardware kits and I purchase them through Stylemaker Fabrics. You can read all about making jeans in my article, How To Sew Jeans.

three Edgewood Sling Bags in various fabrics hanging on a nail against the wall

For zippers, cotton webbing and bag hardware (like the ones used in some of my bag PDF sewing patterns) I head to Wawak for their quick shipping and variety of colors and sizes -especially zippers!

the quilted fabric cut out and laid on the pattern pieces for the quilt coat laying next to a package of batting

*Connecting Threads is a quilting website I order from when I need batting for quilts or quilt coats (like my Daphne Jacket or Rue Quilt Coat) and other useful quilting notions.

neutral colored round patterns weights on top of a pattern and holding a skinny blue pattern weight

I use and love these lovely clay pattern weights that are handmade by Katie Armour – the skinny ones are great for small pattern pieces!

Slow Fashion

Right around the time I started sewing my own clothes, I also began to rethink my choices around buying ready-to-wear pieces – specifically shoes! I’ve always loved shoes (I was the girl that wanted to wear her new shoes out of the store) and have just as much fun “dressing my feet” as I do the rest of me.

wearing the rue quilt coat with the brown gingham side showing smiling with one leg crossed over the over standing in front of a white wall

However, I started to realize that buying cheap fast fashion footwear usually leads to spending more over time since low quality shoes need to be replaced more often. Sure, there are times when a low cost option is preferred (my favorite gardening/outdoor shoes were $5 from Target) but for the most part a well made pair of shoes can last for many years with good care.

holding a pair of yellow clogs wearing a long green striped dress standing in a field of yellow flowers

I started working with and supporting brands that value sustainability, provide a living wage and are handcrafted with quality in mind – and I haven’t turned back! The brands I mention next are ones that I honestly wear all the time and can speak to their comfort and quality.

*Sandgrens – I love my pairs of Sandgrens clogs! Recently I purchased their cork sandal style and they are so comfortable and perfect for warmer weather. Use code BETHANYLYNNE for 20% off.

wearing the colorful silk scarf dress holding on to the skirt and looking to the left
wearing the patchwork denim jacket standing in front of a white wall with hands at side

*Wilder have a gorgeous collection of uniquely designed boots and slides. Use code BETHANYBOOTS20 for 20% off.

wearing handmade Worship Jeans in a green denim
wearing Agnes sweater vest full view

*Nisolo – I have several pairs of Nisolo shoes and they are worn year round – sandals for warmer weather and boots and mules for colder weather.

nine patch quilt in progress with several colors of linen fabric sewn together in squares

Most of all, my favorite thing is making and wearing clothes to be lived in and cherishing handmade pieces that hold special memories. My hope is that sharing my makes and tutorials can inspire others in their own creative journeys!

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