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About Me

Hey, I’m Bethany! I started Bethany Lynne Makes as a space to share my “makes” and to hopefully inspire others in their creativity. My background is in painting but that has grown into different interests over the years – graphic design, knitting, sewing and weaving. I learned how to sew and knit from my mom and grandma who were my first inspirations!

I’m married to my best friend and childhood sweetheart and we have two sweet, beautiful and wild boys. They are both creative in their own ways and I love watching them grow in their own interests! I also love to garden and believe that spending time outside everyday is so good for the soul. I am constantly inspired by nature.

I believe that creating doesn’t need to be complicated and that you don’t need the most expensive or fanciest tools to make beautiful things. My hope is that you will find something throughout this blog that will help you in your creative journey and learn from my experience and from my mistakes! (Because really “The greatest teacher, failure is.” – Yoda)

I started sewing my own clothes in 2021 and it’s been so exciting to build a fully “me made” wardrobe! My favorite things to sew are dresses and flowy tops but I also love making jeans (I put together all of my jeans making tips here!)

I’ve recently started designing sewing patterns which has been challenging but really fun for me! (You can find them here). If you have any questions about my patterns or tutorials you can contact me here!

Head over to my favorites page to read about some of my favorite places to source fabric, yarn, and notions and to learn about slow fashion brands that I love.

To see more of my process and creative journey you can also check out my Instagram!

Thanks for reading and happy making,

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